Automagical Knowledge Management with Superbots

Traditional knowledge repositories such as wikis are just passive stores.
Let Maturify bring life to your knowledge!

With the growth of your business, a larger number of learning artifacts would also be added to your knowledge documents. Yet with static knowledge stores, your employees would have no guidance or incentive to learn or go through this vital business knowledge. Maturify's Artificial intelligence (AI) bots work towards pushing such knowledge to your employees while mitigating any knowledge risk areas.



Optimizing organization and team risk profiles

Maturify’s Chari Bot is designed to specifically optimize an organization and team risk profiles. This reports to admins of organizations as well as admins of teams with comprehensive reports on the its analysis of the risk factor of the organization as a whole, the knowledge risks of individual teams based on the knowledge models assigned to them as well as each individual’s knowledge capacity at a given point.

With such information, an employee can gauge their knowledge capacity and management level individuals would have easy access to reports of the distribution of knowledge components across the organization as well as teams.


Proposing new knowledge for continuous development

Maturify understands that each individual is unique and has their own pace and means of learning and developing themselves. This is why we include this particular bot which creates customized continuous development plans for all employees, based on the knowledge they are assigned to learn.

The bot analyses each individual’s learning pace and capacity and develops a knowledge growth plan specifically designed for them. Once the plan is created is nudges these employees to stick to the timeline, thus ensuring steady growth in the knowledge perspective for the individual and constant risk mitigation from the company’s point of view.



Following competing teams for gamification strategies

The Maturify team has identified the positive effects of creating a gamification concept in the area of knowledge management through our internal research into such aspects. This is why our system includes a bot to handle a point-based reward system that promotes teams to learn higher risk topics by allocating higher points for such topics. Avi, our gamification bot creates a friendly competitive environment for all the teams in the organization by watching for possibilities of teams to drop down in the leaderboard and propose plans to overcome such possibilities as well as to move higher on the leaderboard etc.

Make knowledge gathering a game rather than a task with Avi!


Rendering the big picture of the organization for insights

The Sai bot is adept at generating periodic reports on the knowledge status of the various hierarchies (organization level or team level) allowing management level employees to make better futuristic decisions. This bot will give a bird’s eye view on the learnings of the company and the analyses of such learnings and the velocities of these learnings. Thus it would be able to identify how higher ranking teams might be able to stick to such a steady growth and advice management to promote such activities.

The Sai bot strives to appease the management of the organization and make their work a little bit easier and less time consuming.