Why does it work?

We believe in team-driven social interactions and commitments over enforced rules and procedures.

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Ready-to-use maturity templates from our community

Maturify comes with several ready-to-use maturity templates, contributed by our community. Most of these templates are inspired by standards and best practices of various industries. You may take a head-start with these templates and edit to custom suite your unique organizational competencies.

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Social feedback and coaching conversations

Maturify encourages a culture of giving actionable, timely feedback to keep everyone on the same page. Coaches can track progress of teams all year long and provide meaningful advices. Maturify provides the comfort to the management that progress information of the team will be readily available.

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Actionable reports to improve as an organization

Maturify can analyze the knowledge and practices status of your organization to propose you with the areas requiring attention. These actionable reports can be used to plan high impact training programs to cover any knowledge gaps of the teams.

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Auctioning Platform to reward the teams

Maturify comes with a auctioning feature where the teams can bid on certain items according to the points they have earnt. This encourages the teams to earn higher points and to be rewarded with valuable items.

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